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Hi friends!

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It’s a long weekend here in the US — President’s Day, one of those ones I always forget about or work cause like who cares about a holiday in February. But this year I went away with some pals to a house upstate and did… very little. We didn’t even finish our 1000 piece puzzle or all of the wine! Glorious.

This is to say, I’m keeping this short to keep that holiday buzz as long as I can (also a reminder that the best reason to save money is so that you can spend it hanging out with your friends in a house in the woods?).

But I’ve been wanting to try out Substack’s comment feature with you all. I get such wonderful emails and tweets from readers, and I wish you could all talk to each other more. Not just cause I suck at replying to emails — I really suck at replying to emails — but because sometimes I wish you guys could advise and help each other, plus just share all your money goss. So I figured we could finally give a comments section a go.

And I know exactly what I want to talk about. This week’s episode of Get Money, the podcast I co-host which surely you have all subscribed to by now ahem? quick go leave us a review — is all about getting *financially naked*, whether that’s with your partner or your friends.

As my co-host Ally Jane Ayers said during the ep:

“Money just equals what you’re able to do with your life. What size house are you going to buy? What much is your rent going to be? Are your kids going to go to private schools? There’s so much that goes into it. So not having someone on the same page as you or someone that just has a completely different money philosophy can lead to other issues, even if you’re absolutely in love.

… Knowing someone’s income is helpful but more than that is knowing their spending habits. You could have all the income in the world but if you’re spending 100% of it or 110% of it, you’re going to be finding yourself in credit card debt all the time.”

Ellevest also did a clever story about how to talk about money when dating (I guess even finance publications do Valentines Day content? Urgh, it is inescapable) that had a bunch of excellent opening lines if you’ve been nervous about bringing up money.

But I wanna hear from you about the conversations you’ve had about money with loved ones before! Let’s make it clear that this is not a discussion only for coupled up people OK, proud single lady here who hates to pay the singles tax (hello not sharing the cost of a hotel room away with someone).

Do you disagree with your someone significant in your life — a family member, lover, best friend or parent — when it comes to how you invest your money? What about how you spend it? How have these different money philosophies caused tension? Have you told someone your money situation — either good or bad — and it was a disaster?

Come and *join the conversation* as they say (sorry) and talk to us all about it (not sorry)! I’ll be floating around the post tomorrow morn and lunchtime and after work and just all week really, so come chat.

And look, since it’s President’s Day, maybe give some cash to the Obama Foundation? (not picking this based on parties but remember how in December the Trump Foundation had to pay back $2 million to eight charities for misusing funds and spending it on his campaign?).

May every week be a four-day week,

Amber Jamieson

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